ZX Block Sprites

Creates a block of sprites

ZX Text (JavaScript)

File name:

Start address:

Last address:

Code length:

SAVE "Sprites" CODE 65535,0


Click on a demo image or drop your image on the target.


The goal of these sprites is to be ready to display on any [X,Y] coordinate.
  1. Click on a demo or drop your image on the target zone.
  2. Modify start address if needed.
    (You also can change the address with LOAD "" CODE newaddress)
  3. Click on "Create TAP".
  4. Click on "Download TAP".

Files to download:

Program to check if sprites are OK: SpritesViewer.zip
Simple program in BASIC to print a sprite at any XY position: PrintTest_BASIC.zip
Simple demo game: Cannonball_2024_Zarsoft.zip

(c) 2024 Zarsoft