ZX Sprites

Creates UDG sprites of various sizes in BASIC

ZX Text (JavaScript)

Click on a demo image or drop your image on the target.


Available sizes:

Sprites height Characters size Image size
1 char 1x96 768x8
2 chars 2x48 384x16
3 chars 3x32 256x24
4 chars 4x24 192x32
5 chars 5x20 160x40
6 chars 6x16 128x48
7 chars 7x14 112x56
8 chars 8x12 96x64
  1. Select one of the above image dimensions.
  2. Open your favorite image editor, create an image (GIF or PNG) (or just download one of this page) with the desired dimensions and draw the sprites.
  3. Drop your image on the target zone.
  4. Click on "Generate sprites".
  5. Copy the code to BASinC emulator and make a TAP.

Program to view 8 demos: SpritesDemo.tap
Generated program to create an example with 7 chars high: SpritesCreate.tap
Tape with an example of 7 chars high sprites (CODE 64600,768): Sprites7.tap

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